Amsterdam ondemand

An on demand tour

Type Tour Amsterdam
with David Quay

Explore the history of the city from a lettering perspective!

Walking tour through the center of Amsterdam accompanied by typographer and type designer David Quay. Participants are guided through all sorts of wonderful letters in the historic center of Amsterdam. In various, often carved out of stone, texts and words tells David (art) historical background and shows the beauty of well-designed characters which are often an integral part of the architecture. Forms of letters are often defined by cultural currents. Interesting for anyone who loves design and architecture and also a nice way to explore Amsterdam. Also for local people is quite interesting to see their own city in a different way.

We offer this tour also as cycling tour. Contact us for more information.


2 hours


€ 17,50
min group. 15 people

Language Tour

This tour is in English or Dutch.

Type Tour Amsterdam

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About David Quay

David Quay works as an independent type designer and graphic designer for clients internationally and designs new typefaces for The Foundry in London. He lives and works happily from his studio in Amsterdam. Since 2015 David shares daily the most beautiful typography he finds in urban space on his Type Tourist Facebook page.


Typeface: KLF Kade by David Quay. An ode to Holland. More about the history of the font you can read here.

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